Último número do "Journal of Climate"

O último número da revista Journal of Climate (Vol. 19, nº 22 – Novembro de 2006) já está disponível online. A lista dos artigos é a seguinte encontra-se aqui referenciada. É possível consultar os resumos (abstracts). Os artigos completos podem ser adquiridos ou com assinatura ou através de um pagamento.

Ancient Austrocedrus Tree-Ring Chronologies Used to Reconstruct Central Chile Precipitation Variability from a.d. 1200 to 2000
Carlos Le Quesne, David W. Stahle, Malcolm K. Cleaveland, Matthew D. Therrell, Juan Carlos Aravena, and Jonathan Barichivich
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1.13M)
The Effect of Environmental Conditions on Tropical Deep Convective Systems Observed from the TRMM Satellite
Bing Lin, Bruce A. Wielicki, Patrick Minnis, Lin Chambers, Kuan-Man Xu, Yongxiang Hu, and Alice Fan
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1.16M)
Winter North Atlantic Oscillation Hindcast Skill: 1900–2001
Christopher G. Fletcher and Mark A. Saunders
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1.98M)
Bifurcation Structure of Thermohaline Millennial Oscillations
A. Colin de Verdière, M. Ben Jelloul, and F. Sévellec
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1.21M)
Studies of El Niño and Interdecadal Variability in Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures Using a Nonnormal Filter
Cécile Penland and Ludmila Matrosova
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (3.62M)
A New Globally Complete Monthly Historical Gridded Mean Sea Level Pressure Dataset (HadSLP2): 1850–2004
Rob Allan and Tara Ansell
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (3.55M)
Twentieth-Century Surface Air Temperature over China and the Globe Simulated by Coupled Climate Models
Tianjun Zhou and Rucong Yu
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (2.42M)
Some Overlooked Features of Tropical Atlantic Climate Leading to a New Niño-Like Phenomenon
Yuko Okumura and Shang-Ping Xie
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (2.26M)
The Temporal Variability of Soil Moisture and Surface Hydrological Quantities in a Climate Model
Vivek K. Arora and George J. Boer
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1.74M)
The Impact of Satellite Winds and Latent Heat Fluxes in a Numerical Simulation of the Tropical Pacific Ocean
Ludos-Herve Ayina, Abderrahim Bentamy, Alberto M. Mestas-Nuñez, and Gurvan Madec
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1.46M)
The Effect of Potential Future Climate Change on the Marine Methane Hydrate Stability Zone
Jeremy G. Fyke and Andrew J. Weaver
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1.23M)
A Climatology of Tropospheric Zonal-Mean Water Vapor Fields and Fluxes in Isentropic Coordinates
Tapio Schneider, Karen L. Smith, Paul A. O’Gorman, and Christopher C. Walker
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (2.32M)
Atmospheric Modes of Variability in a Changing Climate
Jenny Brandefelt
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1.76M)


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